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Miscarriage happens for a lot of really good reasons.

29 May

Loss is loss. And grief about loss is real.

But when miscarriage happens, it’s usually for a very good reason.

In the first weeks after conception, the genome is trying itself out.

“Can I make organs? If not, I am going to have a hard time on this planet. Let’s try again.”

Every baby that is born represents a spectacular cellular success. A cell that can magic itself into becoming a living being has to accomplish an elaborate trick; as we’ve pointed out before, making organs alone is like getting a Boeing 747 off the ground.

Life is rare and precious, but the possibility of life forming  is also astronomical. It’s why we have so many sperm and so many eggs. The whole system is set up to make life work. And that’s why they made sex fun.

So losing an embryo can be an opportunity to try again, and not a sign of something that is systematically wrong.

There’s a million ways that we form as snowflakes.

There’s a time to go at it again and have some more fun with it.