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Meiosis Part Two: Two Halves

20 Dec

Plato looked at love as two half-beings coming together as one. Genetically, we ARE two half-beings fused together as one. Isn’t that rad?


Why are siblings different? Meiosis.

2 Oct

For a short version of the video, start it at 6 minutes, 20 seconds.

My sister is sweet, neat and petite; I am sweet, squat and incurably messy :).

One egg, one sperm:  Roughly 5.9029581 × 10⁴³possible combinations of chromosomes.

Meiosis (pronounced my-OH-sis) is a chromosomal dance that happens when bodies make egg and sperm cells, and it ensures the shuffling of the genetic deck.

In brief, it is the process by which a cell’s 46 chromosomes replicate, partner up, swap chunks of information, and twice divide in order to create eggs (inside a female fetus) or sperm (inside a man’s testes), with each resulting sex cell containing a single set of 23 chromosomes. Continue reading

Cheat sheet: Meiosis and mitosis

1 Oct

Mitosis occurs so that dying cells can refresh life by dividing– allowing living things to grow and to stay alive.  Chromosomes are duplicated just before the cell splits.

Meiosis occurs so that sperm and egg cells each contain 23 chromosomes– instead of the 46 that show up everywhere else in the body.

Double click the photos to blow them up.

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