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Are Genetics Blogs Legit?

13 Apr
In this blog we have told you stories about the foreplay of snails and the uterus of your granny.  Genetics is an incredible topic!  Which raises the question: Do you believe what we say here?
An article in Public Health Genomics this month took a look at genetics blogs (that’s us!!) and their various indicators of credibility.
Their findings: Most of the blogs they sampled disclosed authors’ full names (81%) and biographical information (67%).
Many blog authors reported having genetics (67%) or life science expertise (59%).
Only 7% of blogs were affiliated with educational or medical institutions.
Bloggers with life science expertise, who focus on ancestry, and post more frequently, they say, tend to be more influential.
These data tell GeneDoe something GeneDoe already know… We should post more frequently! And we will.
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