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Why are siblings different? Meiosis.

2 Oct

For a short version of the video, start it at 6 minutes, 20 seconds.

My sister is sweet, neat and petite; I am sweet, squat and incurably messy :).

One egg, one sperm:  Roughly 5.9029581 × 10⁴³possible combinations of chromosomes.

Meiosis (pronounced my-OH-sis) is a chromosomal dance that happens when bodies make egg and sperm cells, and it ensures the shuffling of the genetic deck.

In brief, it is the process by which a cell’s 46 chromosomes replicate, partner up, swap chunks of information, and twice divide in order to create eggs (inside a female fetus) or sperm (inside a man’s testes), with each resulting sex cell containing a single set of 23 chromosomes. Continue reading