Where did Lady Gaga come from?

29 Sep

Photo by Creative Commons user The Cranky Geek, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jolissa/

Lady Gaga comes from New York. She has grandparents in West Virginia. Her ancestors came from Italy.

But the story we want to tell (with apologies, Gaga fans, for the bait and switch) is how Lady Gaga and the rest of us were at one time just one single cell.

That is the big “aha” moment in genetics: The realization that our parents have each given us half of themselves, and it comes together in a kind of a miraculous moment when the small rocket of a sperm penetrates the atmosphere of the giant planet that is the egg.      

The genomes combine and they begin to work together to multiply and to become, well, an inexplicable grassroots system of communication and sharing that builds something so large and complex and highly functional that in the end it forms a human being with huge capability and imagination that can make glam videos and outrageous contributions to fashion over decades and decades.

Imagine that a little cell can dream itself into Lady Gaga.  How that happens and stays with us is, for us, the real story about where we come from. 

This is the cool story of being embodied. 

Whether or not you relate this to divinity there’s an awesomeness to the fact that we start as single cells and grow into something that’s 10 to 20 trillion cells big.  That includes some 220 cell types that differentiate into eye cells and liver cells and hair cells…  All of that from a single cell: That’s a pretty neat trick. And that is part of the epic story that we will be telling during the life of this blog.


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